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Doylestown Hospital Health and Wellness Center

The Doylestown Hospital Health and Wellness Center is a contemporary approach to modern health care. This three-storey, 120,000 square foot facility incorporates a holistic arrangement of health and well-being services that lives up to the promise of living well. While the medical wing incorporates state of the art amenities for primary care physicians, general surgery, and sports medicine. The Fitness Center provides a sophisticated level of activities including physical therapy, day-spa, lap pool, and whirlpool. The dynamic nature of wellness activities within the center are complemented and balanced by amenities that include the calming and comfortable waiting areas accented by fireplaces and waterfalls, as well as a cafe, resource library, day-care center, and lecture-style auditorium.

  • Location: Warrington, Pennsylvania
  • Design Architect: D'AIQ Architects
  • Client: Doylestown Hospital
  • Project Contact: Tommy Quirk, Jack Palanjian